May 31, 2005


Answering Machine Tapes

I found some interesting messages on my answering machine when I got home tonight...
[12:31:55 PM]
"Hello, Mr. Hand. This is Tim Murphy calling from the PMO. I just wanted to follow up concerning the offer we contacted you-- I mean, you contacted us about moving your blog from the Blogging Tories to Liblogs in exchange for a comfy, furry Welcome mat. Well, I talked to the PM moments ago, and it's been called off."
[1:54:06 PM]
"Hi Mr. Hand, it's Tim Murphy. Just wanted to confirm that the deal we didn't offer you isn't going to happen. Oh, and the PM had nothing do with this."
[2:49:44 PM]
"Hand, it's Murphy. I told you, there is no deal. Please don't make us call anymore."
[3:29:10 PM]
"Me again. No deal means no deal. I'm not going to talk to you again."
[3:52:59 PM]
"Look, what's it going to take for you to get the message? It's not happening, period."
[3:56:23 PM]
[3:56:49 PM]
"Why do I have to keep saying this!? NONONONONO!!!!"
[4:21:37 PM]
(in background) "Yeah Paul, I'll tell him." (normally) "Hi Ujjal, it's Tim calling. Listen, we've decided not to take that Invisible Hand, but there's another guy called Calgary Observer who seems willing to take one of those 'risks,' if you know what I mean. *laughs* How about we offer... Oops, I think I dialed the wrong number."


LMAO! Gold Stars for you!
Does it take 23 phone calls to say no? I guess so :-p

Great post Mr Hand!

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