May 29, 2005


Christian Verboten

The Globe & Mail ran this bit of scaremongering on Friday:
Christian activists have secured Conservative nominations in clusters of ridings from Vancouver to Halifax -- a political penetration that has occurred even as the party tries to distance itself from hard-line social conservatism.

At least three riding associations in Nova Scotia, four in British Columbia, and one in suburban Toronto have nominated candidates with ties to groups like Focus on the Family, a Christian organization that opposes same-sex marriage.
Oh my! Eight of the open Conservative nominations were won by known or suspected Christians! Let's see now, with 210 nominations up for grabs, that means the Jews Christians have seized control of a whopping... 3.81%.

If this meets the Globe's standards for "political penetration," I have a feeling that their romantic partners are going to be rather disappointed...

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Upwards of 20% of Liberal MPs currently sitting in the House are evangelical Christians or have 'evangelical sympathies' according to John McKay Liberal MP. Given this fact, it would appear that the Globe must actually be offended by Evanglical Conservatives.
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