May 27, 2005


Technology's a glitch, isn't it?

You've probably read about Sinclair Stevens registering his anti-Stephen Harper website under the name of the Royal Commonwealth Society, an organization which includes Governor General Adrienne Clarkson. (Ianism has done an great job of covering the issue.)

As I type this, Stevens is promoting the site on Dave Rutherford's radio show. When Rutherford asked him about the domain registration, Stevens blamed it on a "technical glitch" by the people who registered it, and complained about the nasty conservatives who are making an issue of it.

An honest mistake, or a lame attempt at covering a scandal?


The socialists can't remember facts from one day to the next. It's almost like
they live as recluses. What's worse is they set themselves up as elitists,
by insulting the inteligences of those, who do remember what went on

Lester B. Pearson
He complained about those making an issue of it huh?

Hmmm... and what exactly is the site doing? Isn't it sort of "complaining" or making an issue about Harper?

Funny how some folks justify things...
that's just too funny. Technical glitch my arse ;)

Please say Rutherford tore him a new one. And what's up with the MSM taking queues from bloggers? That's priceless.
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