June 09, 2005


Covering up is what Liberals do best

Recently, Rempelia Prime drew attention to a story which revealed how "scary" Christians are taking over Liberal nominations, not just Conservative ones. He challenged Buckets of Astroturf to update his/her "Running list of so-con nominees" to include the Liberal candidates, not just the Conservatives.

Shortly thereafter, Buckets' list disappeared.

Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

Fortunately, I know that good Liberals everywhere will be relieved to find out that the post is still available via Google's cache. (I've saved the page to my hard drive as well. The comments thread is also available... at the moment.) After all, they believe in making sure Canadians have all of the facts, right?


*crickets chirping*

Update: I posted the following comment in Buckets' (comfy and furry) Welcome thread.
Buckets, would you be able to comment on why this post was deleted?

(It's still available via Google's cache and the comment page.)
My comment was deleted within fifteen minutes.

Update 2: In response to the deletion and the reason one of Buckets' admins gave for why it was done, I made another post:
Bucket's post says "Please comment if you have something to add or questions" (about the blog or its content, presumably).

I had a question about a post that was made on this blog. That seems like a relevant topic for discussion here.
This post was deleted within ten minutes.

Hi Invisible,

I've saved some interesting comments by Blogging Tories as well. Nothing quite so tame as Bucket's List. But the genocidal racism of Kate McMillan and her crew of rednecks who have cheered her on. Don't worry. Just like you aren't going to forget about the list, I'm not going to forget about "Lock Up The Indians" McMillan.

Just thought I'd clear the air here.
Glad to hear you have so much courage, "anonymous."
"...her crew of rednecks?"

That, sir, is uncalled for and I am impugned by your comments. As one of Kate's guest bloggers this week I would like to point out that my neck is actually a speckled brown.

So there!
Seems to me that if a site admin lays down the law and says that's the rule NOW, then you're kind of stuck.

Most of the socon nominee thread remains up. Pleaee fit that into your silly conspiracy theory.

I have an idea: Why don't you look over Buckets' work and see if it's accurate or not? If it isn't, wouldn't that verify your theory?

But, what is his work is accurate? Hmmm....
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