June 14, 2005


Who's not there?

The House just finished voting on a Bloc motion to support older workers who are laid off from their jobs. The MPs were unanimous in favour, 301 to zero. This means that six people were absent or abstained.

The only two who I noticed didn't vote were Gurmant Grewal and Chuck Cadman. The other three independents (Parrish, Kilgour, O'Brien) were all there. Presumably Darryl Stinson wasn't there, so that leaves three unaccounted for. Anyone know who they were?

PS- As I write this, the Liberals are once again forming an "alliance" with the Bloc to defeat a Conservative motion to assist all families with child care, not just the ones with two incomes.

Update: Okay, by the time Blogger finally let me post this (2.5 hours after I wrote it), all the voting was over. The closest vote was 153 to 149 for the Liberals, which means five people were missing. CPAC identified them as Stinson, Grewal, Cadman, Dave Chatters, and one Bloc member whose name I don't remember. Apparently, the sixth MP who missed the first vote was a Liberal (again, I've forgotten the name) whose plane was delayed.


Bloc MP Louise Thibault was absent and Liberal MP Sarmite Bulte was late.
Wait a second, didn't Belinda say she was leaving the Conservatives because of their scary alliance with the Bloc?
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