July 17, 2005


More BS from the Globe and Mail

In the race to see who can be the best Liberal Party mouthpiece, the G&M has taken the lead. Saturday's edition treats us to this story, with the headline "Majority want Harper replaced, poll shows." It cites a poll which found that 59% of those surveyed said Stephen Harper should be replaced as the Conservative leader.

Sounds bad for Harper, right? Except that if you're one of the few who reads the whole article instead of just the headline, you'll find that the corresponding number for Paul Martin is 52%.

Hey, Globe and Mail! This means that a majority of people want Martin replaced too, you [expletive deleted]! If you were actually interested in honest reporting instead of fighting the Liberals' battles for them, your headline would have been "Majority want Harper and Martin replaced, poll shows."

This reminds me of a story they did this past February, with the front page headline "Martin gets pre-budget boost." (A modified version of the article can be found here.) Their reason for the headline was that a poll had shown an increase in the percentage who "believe the Liberals deserve to be re-elected." However, tucked away in the middle of the article on page A4 were the numbers on "Who would you vote for?" (y'know, the question that actually matters in an election), which revealed that Liberal support had actually gone down by four percent since the last poll!

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Doesn't change the fact that a majority want Howdy Doody Harper gone.
I just watched the Sunday Question period on CTV with their favorite pundits from Globe and Mail. The bias was unbelievable!! They talked about the latest poll(CTV poll if that gives any confidence) and in fairness they remarked the public thought both leaders should be replaced and that neither had climbed in the polls. Then at the end of the show the sign off-- "poor Mister Harper" "well all leaders, but especially mister Harper". Not poor mister Martin, most Canadians think he should step down as leader of the country!! So why do opposition party leaders get more emphasis that the PM??

Also showed the picture of Harper in the "bad hat day" and made it out to be a big deal. I still question that he wore that hat that way for more than the second it took to take the picture. No questions asked? Was the picture doctored? Was it his hat? Did someone else throw it on his head for a quick picture? I still say that if that is the best "dirt" they can get on Harper, they should go back to Martin and the lies and stealing.

oh ya, apparently none of their reporters have seen the "Letter To Terry Milewski" because again they were bashing Grewal, and Harper for not firing him.
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