August 26, 2005


Pique Oil

Via Daimnation, I found this post by Steven Levitt, the author of Freakonomics. He does an excellent job of drawing attention to some of the glaring economic problems with "peak oil" theory. (Be sure the read the links at the end of the post, as well.)

The post generated a lot of interest, garnering almost 150 comments. What struck me as ironic about them was that much of the discussion consisted of right-wingers talking about how consumption-reducing techniques like solar power and public transit were workable alternatives, while left-wingers denounced them as unrealistic fantasies.

Levitt's post was especially upsetting to the first commenter:
When are you religious fanatics of "economics" and Adam Smith's invisible waving hand going to wake up and admit you worship a false deity?
Don't make me go all Visible Fist on you, friend.

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