August 02, 2005


What's wrong with the Charter?

I am in the planning stages of creating an ongoing project for this site, examining what I believe are flaws in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It will detail the individual sections of the Charter, highlighting any problems with its goals (or means of accomplishing those goals) and suggesting ways to improve it.

I would greatly appreciate pre-emptive feedback for this project, so please e-mail me or post a comment here if there's a section (or sections) that you'd like to critique, or if there's an improvement you'd like to suggest, or if you want to denounce me as un-Canadian for daring to criticize the Charter. ;)


Your pal, Mulroney, did this 15 years ago. Then the Canadian public bitchslapped him for his hopeless analysis. Good luck.

I can hardly wait to see another con perspective bashing civil liberties. Don't forget to put in the charter that flag burning is illegal.
Sad. When I put in that comment about "denouncing me as un-Canadian for daring to criticize the Charter," I was just making a joke, figuring that no left-winger would actually claim such a thing.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. Not sure why I'm surprised...

PS- I don't (and didn't) support Mulroney.
Unfortunately, you are embarking on a thoughtful enterprise in an country where political discourse is ruled not by thought but by raw emotion, demagoguery and sychophancy. Good luck, though.
The biggest problem is that the SC has said the preamble, especailly, 'peace, order, and good government' trumps everything (see the Provinces court case on the gun registry), so alas - the charter is whatever judge feels it is on that given day.
Outstanding idea hand. The anonymous commentor (if they don't leave thier name, then ignore) misses the point. Most cons actually agree with most of the charter of rights, the main problem with it is that it was designed around the wishes of one party in a multi party system, very little thought was given to the non-Liberal ideals of Canada. I'm looking forward to reading this, will link you on my sidebar.....
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