September 26, 2005


Conservative organizer calls for Carol Jamieson's resignation

Tory organizer The Invisible Hand has written an open letter calling for the resignation of Carol Jamieson.

The Invisible Hand, who is the chairman of the Conservative Council of The Invisible Hand's Bedroom, says he has received supportive e-mails from over 40 million Canadians and the endorsement of 309 Members of Parliament.

UPDATE: The Invisible Hand was forced to withdraw his letter after it was discovered that Ms. Jamieson does not currently hold any position worth resigning from.

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Don't go pissing me off. I have worked on forcing the resignations of many chairpeople of the Conservative Council of Blogger's Bedrooms in the past and I'll do it again if I have to. It was me who forced the resignation of the Conservative Council of Blogging for Diefenbaker's Bedroom. I'm not someone to be trifled with.
Mr Music said...

I want to tell you all a story 'bout a GTA urban wife

Who had a teenage daughter who attended Harper Valley Junior High

Well her daughter came home one afternoon and didn't even stop to play

She said Mom I got a note here from the Harper So-Cons in the G.T.A.

The note said Misses Urban Girl, you're wearing your dresses way too high

It's reported you've been talking to the youth and ethnics, women’s groups and gays

And we don't believe you ought to be a bringing up your little girl this way

It was signed by the secretary, Harper So-Cons GTA.

Well, it happened So-Cons G.T.A. were gonna meet that very afternoon

They were sure surprised when Misses Urban Girl wore her miniskirt into the room

And as she walked up to the blackboard I still recall the words she had to say

She said, I'd like to address this meeting of the Harper So-Cons G.T.A.

Well there's John Reynolds, sitting there and seven times he's asked me for a date

Messrs. Flaherty and Clement always missing that retirement is just 4 months away

And Mr. Capobianco can you tell us what your smokin’ that makes you blind

And shouldn't Peter Kent be reading news not playing with you wasting all his time

Well Mr Harper couldn't be here 'cause he’s filling sandbags for the bunker again

He may as well get ready cuz the writing’s on the wall – “you loser has-been”

Then you have the nerve to tell me you think that as a mother I'm not fit

Well this is just a little piece of urban Canada where none of you are ever gonna fit.

No, I wouldn't put you on because it really did, it happened just this way

The day my Mama socked it to the Harper So-Cons G.T.A.
I see by your lack of comments, that no one gives a f....k what you think, but it was nice visiting.
See ya,
friend of Carol J
Heh. Did you really think that posting with two different identities in a four minute timespan was going to fool anyone?
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