October 01, 2005


IP Liberally

In the weeks just before and after the Conservative Party convention in Montreal, I got several e-mails from an anonymous source, featuring crude photoshops of Stephen Harper's head on a dog's body. (You many remember this very important news item from a mainstream media outlet near you.) The person(s) behind this used a variety of identities. According to a post in this Free Dominion thread, the sender must have obtained the list of e-mail addresses for convention delegates.

The reason I'm posting about this now is because I just got another e-mail from the same guy, featuring another dog picture and a plug for the website "houndsofwar.blogspot.com". I'm curious whether it's possible to determine who sent them.

I've posted the date, claimed sender, and IP address for all the e-mails I've gotten in the table below. All of them came from Montreal using the Sympatico ISP, with the possible exceptions of the March 16 (Ushud Noah) and September 29 messages, which I couldn't get valid reverse DNS entries for. (However, it's possible that they used an anonymous proxy to hide their true origin.) You can also see the full headers from the messages.

Mar 14 - delegates4democracy (
Mar 14 - Krista Porter (
Mar 16 - Donal Canard (
Mar 16 - Ushud Noah (
Mar 24 - Mike (
Apr 06 - Mike (
Apr 06 - Mike (
Sep 29 - Mike (

If you see somebody with one of these IPs (or one that's very similar) posting comments on your blog, or arriving at your site via a notable referring link (eg. a Google search for someone's name), please let me know. I think that finding out who's behind these e-mails could be very revealing...


Well here is the ARIN information f0r the most recent IP address:

Bell Canada BELLNEXXIA-11 (NET-69-156-0-0-1) -
Sympatico HSE SYMK042104-CA (NET-69-158-168-0-1) -

Seems to be a Sympatico account.

It might be that the user gets a different IP address everytime they log on.
I agree... likely a guy who has a High Speed account, and then perhaps is using a dialup connection on the road, or piping into his mail from a hotel room or something. The "Sympatico HSE" I think help to narrow down who he really is, as the HSE will most likely be his home connection. The Nexxia items I think is more business oriented, which may also prove interesting. If you're going to trace, those will be the most helpful.

ps - I'm also a network technician when I'm not a political junkie. ;-)
I actually have nothing to share related directly to this entry, but I just wanted to thank the author for being awesome and say that if I were capable of having your children, I would.
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