November 07, 2005


Layton pulls the plug (maybe)

Jack Layton is having a press conference. After several minutes of platitudes, he got around to saying that the Liberal response to his health care demands was "unacceptable" and therefore, his party couldn't continue to show "confidence" in the government. (Update: His exact wording was "there's no basis for our party to express confidence in this government.")

However, I got the impression that he was leaving the door open to reversing his position if the Liberals caved to more of his demands.

So, do you think he will actually follow through this time, or will he chicken out and continue to prop up the Liberals?

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Unfortunately Harper lost his backbone. Now after 6 months of whining he won't call a non-confidence motion. HArper is such a doofus. You can never tell where this guy is coming from.
Actually, Harper is very smart. He smells a trap and is not going to end up looking like a fool as Layton stabs him in the back.

I'd dump it on Layton too.

The man can't be trusted.
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