November 05, 2005


"We ran all the way here for this?"

Well, Scott Brison sure knows how to satisfy reporters, doesn't he? After Stephen Harper unveiled his Federal Accountability Act ethics package yesterday, Brison rushed to the microphones with a haphazard assortment of bogus claims about Harper's service with the NCC. He also took the opportunity to whine about how the Conservatives weren't obediently following the Liberal mantra of waiting for Gomery's second report before proposing anything.

CTV has video of his statement here. But if you poke around in the page's HTML code, you can get a more complete feed which lets you hear the reactions of the reporters after Brison abruptly left.

Reporter #1: [exasperated sigh]
Reporter #2: I came for this?
Reporter #3: All this work for what?
Reporter #2: We ran all the way here for this?
Reporter #4: Get over here, we want to ask you some questions!

Listen to the reaction.

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That is hilarious! Great find.

What is even more amusing is that Brison had to eat crow for his statements...
He didn't eat crow, he did it on purpose. We all know the guy does not have a crumb of credibility left now.

He only did it to distract attention away from the release of the CPC's accountability policy.

When you are desperate, what else can you do?
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