December 12, 2005


Views from the peanut gallery

CBC's nightly news had a piece on Canada' minor political parties which I thought was interesting. This is how the party representatives responded when asked about the first thing they'd do if they formed the government.

Canadian Action Party: Get rid of NAFTA
Communist Party: Get rid of NAFTA
Progressive Canadian Party: Fix health care
Marxist-Leninist Party: Declare that Canadian government is anti-war
Marijuana Party: Stop using police resources against drug users
Libertarian Party: Severely restrict power and scope of government
Christian Heritage Party: Bring forward a socially conservative platform

I agree with the Libertarian's message, and to a lesser extent the Marijuana Party's.

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You just contradicted yourself!
I love your blog, which sucinctly describes capitalism in all its forms, including Libertarianism as a "religion". Afterall, "God is on your side, invisible hand and all".

What a dreadful way to operate an economic system.
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