October 16, 2006


There are over 3 million reasons to vote Dinning - Mine's my kegger

Jim Dinning believes that the needs of college students are very, very important, and so he's announced that the government should help fund their basic living necessities... like beer.
"Today students have to cobble together a budget that doesn't reflect the full costs of books, supplies, living accommodations, transportation - and, frankly, beer," he told reporters as he laid out the education plank of his Tory leadership platform.

"Governments have to recognize those costs and make sure that as students apply for loans ... we don't diminish their applications for additional dollars, based on nostalgic times - including the beer."
This kind of obvious pandering is not only insulting to students, it's also very un-conservative (although I guess that's no surprise, coming from Dinning). I'm no fan of government social engineering via "sin taxes" and such, but meddling in the opposite direction by actively subsidizing such behavior is even worse.

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Even this proposal won't bring out the student vote lol.

Dinning's got some new wingnut idea everytime he turns around.
Dinning is nothing but a moderate liberal. From taxes, to gov't spending to social issues - he's running for the wrong party's leadership. Hey Jim - you should run against Ignatiuff - should be more your cup of tea.
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