January 15, 2007


You go, Ed

For some reason, I really enjoyed the end of this Edmonton Sun article, in particular the last line:
Dion also stopped at the legislature where he was kept waiting 20 minutes before meeting with Premier Ed Stelmach and Ted Morton, a former political science colleague he met years ago.

The new Liberal leader said he just wanted to pay Stelmach a courtesy call to congratulate him on winning the Tory leadership.

Stelmach declined to have his photo taken with Dion.

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What a bizarre reaction.

If the Premier of my province needlessly antagonized Harper I would be unimpressed at the Premier for putting pettiness and ideology before the interests of the province.
Why should a premier of a province go out of his way for an opposition MP who, if his wet dream ever come true and he becomes PM will do nothing but screw Alberta at every turn.

Isn't this the Liberal Party who had a PM say that he hated dealing with Westerners, another PM that literally gave the finger to Albertans and had a senior policy advisor say that "Alberta could blow hime"?

He's lucky he got a meeting at all.
Funny thing is, if Dion DID get a photo op, they probably would've splashed that thing all over their website and cram it down the media's throat: "But look, we ARE appealing to Westerners! See, I'm shaking this guy's hand! Aren't I swell?"
hey, there's a lesson to dion: Bring your Dog.

Westerner's can't say no to dogs ;)
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