February 09, 2007


A new mole

Dr. Strangelove over at Political Staples tipped me off to this:
During a closed door caucus meeting Wednesday, insiders say several MPs politely encouraged Dion to broaden his attack on the Conservative government and demonstrate to Canadians that he has a firm grasp on a wide range of issues.


Indeed, during the caucus meeting, insiders said there were some complaints that only a small group of MPs are being allowed to perform during question period.
Hmm... suddenly, there's a leak in the Liberal caucus, spilling embarrasing details of their meetings to the media. I wonder who that could be... :)

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We all know who that could be. It's the "Turn"coat.
At this point Dion has them quiet but as time goes by and they see he is a weak leader the knives will come out. Already the media is saying his performance in the HofC is weak and he has not done a good job at defining himself. The Conservatives have helped in this respect. Don't tell me the ads don't work. From their own lips they condemned the new leader and his hypocritical stance on the environment. Canadians are watching and learning about the hyprocrisy of the nerdy professor.
Dion has his caucus muzzled???? I'm shocked!

Is Garth a double agent?
(real conservative)

Garth says hes never put any Conservative party logo on anything hes sent out … proof at http://repocreepo.blogspot.com

Garth has more contradictions and called another person who went from PC to Liberal a flip flopper…

ALSO Garths fundraising link off his site disappeared the day he joined the Liberals… odd isnt it? Its not about the money eh?
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