April 18, 2007


I'm the decider

The Liberal Party has released a new TV ad to counter the ones being run by the Conservatives. It touts Stephane Dion's work at the Montreal climate change conference in December 2005. The conference was attended by over 10,000 delegates from around the world, a feat which I'm sure didn't create any extra CO2 emissions. (But I digress...)

Anyway, the ad's narrator proclaims "They said he couldn't do it." (Who "they" are and the "it" he allegedly couldn't do is never specified.) We are then treated to a dramatic shot of "President" Dion banging his gavel, pumping his fists in the air, and declaring "Decided!"

So, what exactly was "decided" under Dion's leadership? Turning to the conference's press release, we find the following (emphasis mine):
And so on. The main thing that they "decided" appears to be that they'd continue to get together like this every year to "decide" even more things. Good work, Stephane.

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Even Iggy said, "Stephane we didn't get it done." The ads good for the conservatives not the liberals. Is there someone in the Liberal party bringing Stifle DeYawn into this morass that he will never get out of with his leadership intact.
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