February 27, 2008


Name that partisan press release

Let's play a game: try to figure out which opposition party put out the following press release in response to yesterday's Conservative budget.
The Conservative government put its money where its votes are with a federal budget that does comparatively little for more than three million Canadians struggling on the social fringe.

Broad-based tax cuts already committed to drain $60 billion from once-bursting federal coffers over the next five years mean new cash for those most in need is modest.

Child care and affordable housing measures are conspicuously absent, despite long waiting lists in many parts of the country. Extra spending for First Nations, the poorest of the poor, amounts to $135 million this year and next, mostly to clean up dirty water and improve health and education services on reserves.


Rob Rainer, executive director of the National Anti-Poverty Organization, says the Conservatives have taken a particularly ideological approach since taking power two years ago.

"Cutting taxes, encouraging people to take full responsibility for their lives and downplaying the importance of public investment in social infrastructure - that's been their approach. And there's very little evidence to show that ideology is successful."

And the answer is...

Trick question! It's actually a "news story" from (who else?) the Canadian Press. Shame on CTV for using this thing as their "Winners and Losers" roundup.

And their main article on the budget is no better, what with more parroted claims like saying the Conservatives are "accusing the opposition Liberals of a tax-and-spend agenda that's belied by the past decade of Liberal economic stewardship" (emphais mine).


"Cutting taxes, encouraging people to take full responsibility for their lives "

The horror!
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