September 19, 2008


Strategic stupidity

So the anti-Conservative crowd has created a Facebook group dedicated to helping people trade votes, the better to support the usual "Stop Harper" rabble. I must admit, it's a creative use of modern technology to (try to) make a difference in an election.

However, I am deeply, deeply disturbed by the possibly that someone might try to manipulate this noble process. Therefore, I would like to urge my fellow Conservative supporters to follow this advice:

I hope you will take this advice. And more importantly, I hope the kind of people who would want to participate in this kind of thing might realize how incredibly stupid it is.


I already definitely have not done that 20 or so times...
Lets assume that they're widely successful and have 60,000 people on there.

None of those people would've voted Conservative anyway, so it's not taking votes from us.

Further, it's completely distributed across all ridings.

Also, it's based on vote splits from the last election, where the dynamic this time around is different.

So, in short, they don't matter and can't make much of a difference. Maybe a seat, tops.
Cadman shows every seat counts
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