September 04, 2008


You think it's easy to come up with real arguments?

I see Stephane Dion is being his usual deep-thinking self:
"We need to win against the most right-wing prime minister in the history of our country."


"Stephen Harper wants to give George W. Bush a third term in Ottawa."

Double wank. And plagiarism, to boot.

One wonders how the Liberals are going to get their self-pleasuring fix after November. The day Obama -- or even McCain -- wins the election, is the day they lose the bogeyman they've been addicted to for the past six years.

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Libs have never accepted that Canadians booted them into opposition for good reason, not just Adscam.
Dion will re-run their 2006 campaign, reverse every bit of legislation they supported in the 39th Parliament,
as if it never happened.
It was all just a bad dream, yah see.
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