November 12, 2008


Is an Alberta Liberal accessing Alberta PC membership lists?

During the 2006 Alberta PC leadership race, I was curious about whether and when the various leadership candidates would have access to the lists of memberships that were submitted to the party. To that end, I arranged for my mom to put one of my e-mail addresses on her membership application. A friend of mine also did the same. That way, if I later got messages to that name/address combination, I would know the sender had access to the membership lists.

However, I never received anything of that sort during the campaign. Over the next two years, I largely forgot about what I'd done, except whenever I'd receive three copies of the "PC Talk" e-newsletter.

However, last week I received a message from Dave Taylor, who is currently running for the leadership of the Alberta Liberals. "That's odd," I thought, "I wonder where he got my e-mail address from." Then I noticed that there were three copies of the message. And then I noticed that one was sent to my name and normal address, one was sent to my mom at another address, and one was sent to my friend at a third address.

The only way Dave Taylor's campaign could have gotten these name/e-mail combinations is by accessing data from the Alberta PC membership list.

So, we have some important questions here:
1) How and when did Taylor get the lists?
2) Does he have the full member details, or just their e-mail addresses?
3) Did Taylor obtain these lists through legitimate means?

I look forward to an explanation, or hearing from anyone else who might have more details.

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Hmm. As President of Lethbridg East PC Association, I can assure you that an email is going to the head of the party as we speak to inquire very seriously into this.

Which completley ignores the issue of what this tells us about the morality of Dave Taylor.
I too received one of those emails from Dave Taylor. I never thought about it in terms of the PC membership list. I just assumed he got the email addy the same way any other spammer does.
I also got this email and wondered how they got my email. The only political party I belong to (and have ever) is the combined provincial/federal NDP, so it would appear that Taylor's camp has raided other parties to the left as well as to the right.
With more and more Tories becoming frustrated with Stelmach, a PC member probably sent the info to Taylor to look for possible supporters among the disgruntled Tories (and their numbers are growing).
Yes Werner - I'm sure that makes it all better, "knowing" that Dave "probably" got the list from a disgruntled PC supporter..

At least have the decency to call a greasy weasel a greasy weasel - don't diminish yourself by trying to justify what is clearly inappropriate behavior.
Are these lists required to be given to Elections Canada or any other liberal leaning civil servants?
"...what this tells us about the morality of...."
"...inappropriate behavior...."

Reminded me of a candidate's use of an endorsement ad from a government appointed person.

One wonders how fast were emails sent in that situation......
There is no way that the Taylor campaign could have received this list in any legal fashion. But obviously someone (who was involved in a PC Leadership Campaign) has given it to them to use. I'd suggest that crime is the worst one, given the misappropriation of the private info involved.
No doubt it was that communist Dave Hancock.

What kind of name is Jace anyway?
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