September 26, 2005


Conservative organizer calls for Carol Jamieson's resignation

Tory organizer The Invisible Hand has written an open letter calling for the resignation of Carol Jamieson.

The Invisible Hand, who is the chairman of the Conservative Council of The Invisible Hand's Bedroom, says he has received supportive e-mails from over 40 million Canadians and the endorsement of 309 Members of Parliament.

UPDATE: The Invisible Hand was forced to withdraw his letter after it was discovered that Ms. Jamieson does not currently hold any position worth resigning from.

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September 19, 2005


Dogs know what to do with (media reporting on) polls

Two new polls came out this weekend:

Leger Marketing: Lib 40%, Con 24%, NDP 15%, Bloc 13%
Strategic Counsel: Lib 35%, Con 28%, NDP 17%, Bloc 13%

Guess which one is getting all the media attention?

(Hat tip: Bound By Gravity)

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September 10, 2005


Paul Martin hires new advisor

With the upcoming session of Parliament looking to be as turbulent as the first, it seems that Paul Martin is secretly bringing in a new staff member to help plan his strategy. My source was able to find out the identity of the new PMO advisor, and provide a sample of the advice he is giving.

Click here for the details

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September 02, 2005


It's time for another "Good Idea, Bad Idea"

GOOD IDEA: Baking a giant cake to celebrate Alberta's 100th birthday

BAD IDEA: Trying to set a record by putting 20,000 candles on said cake

(via CFCN)


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