September 19, 2005


Dogs know what to do with (media reporting on) polls

Two new polls came out this weekend:

Leger Marketing: Lib 40%, Con 24%, NDP 15%, Bloc 13%
Strategic Counsel: Lib 35%, Con 28%, NDP 17%, Bloc 13%

Guess which one is getting all the media attention?

(Hat tip: Bound By Gravity)

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The media is mean to the CONs boo hoo hoo wah wah
Is the aptly named Mr. HArper still suggesting a fall election? What a doofus. I think the Liberal party website has one of those goofy I support Stephen Harper thingys.
Keep up the good posting anonymous. Every one is just another motivator. The more you post, the more you are revealed for what you are - a scared liberal worried about losing his seat on the gravy train.
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