December 13, 2005


Dogs know what to do with (media reporting on) polls, part 2

Even if the mainstream media doesn't have a liberal bias, it definitely has a Liberal one. Sinister Thoughts brought to my attention a Globe & Mail article which makes it look like the NDP are doomed to lose their Ontario support to the Libs.

The article carries the sub-heading "New Democrats' support level drops to single digits" and gives the numbers as Liberals 40%, Conservatives 24%, and NDP 9%. However, you may have noticed that those numbers only add up to 73%. This means that (unless the Green Party has suddenly jumped into second place with around 27%) the undecideds weren't factored out, which is very unusual for this kind of poll. It looks to me like the Globe left the undecideds in just so they could claim that the NDP was in "single digits."

Don't worry, Dippers, we Tories know how to empathize with those who are victims of shoddy poll reporting. All the more reason why we should work together to get rid of the Grits...

Update: Apparently, the 40-24-9 figure was from the "Which Party has the most momentum towards a federal election?" question, with the undecideds left in. So it looks like this probably isn't an example of the Globe & Mail being biased... just incompetent.

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December 12, 2005


Views from the peanut gallery

CBC's nightly news had a piece on Canada' minor political parties which I thought was interesting. This is how the party representatives responded when asked about the first thing they'd do if they formed the government.

Canadian Action Party: Get rid of NAFTA
Communist Party: Get rid of NAFTA
Progressive Canadian Party: Fix health care
Marxist-Leninist Party: Declare that Canadian government is anti-war
Marijuana Party: Stop using police resources against drug users
Libertarian Party: Severely restrict power and scope of government
Christian Heritage Party: Bring forward a socially conservative platform

I agree with the Libertarian's message, and to a lesser extent the Marijuana Party's.

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December 06, 2005


Irony is lost on some people

Button from a Conservative blog, based on a graphic from the Conservative Party, posted four months ago:

Button from the Liberal Party website, posted in the last couple days:

(Hat tip: Warren Kinsella)

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December 01, 2005


More good news for the Conservatives

Kim Campbell has predicted that they'll lose.

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