January 22, 2006


Three party leaders go for a drive...

Happy E-Day, everyone!

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December 06, 2005


Irony is lost on some people

Button from a Conservative blog, based on a graphic from the Conservative Party, posted four months ago:

Button from the Liberal Party website, posted in the last couple days:

(Hat tip: Warren Kinsella)

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September 10, 2005


Paul Martin hires new advisor

With the upcoming session of Parliament looking to be as turbulent as the first, it seems that Paul Martin is secretly bringing in a new staff member to help plan his strategy. My source was able to find out the identity of the new PMO advisor, and provide a sample of the advice he is giving.

Click here for the details

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July 31, 2005


You're the man now, Paul!

Just say no(oooooo)!

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July 17, 2005


More BS from the Globe and Mail

In the race to see who can be the best Liberal Party mouthpiece, the G&M has taken the lead. Saturday's edition treats us to this story, with the headline "Majority want Harper replaced, poll shows." It cites a poll which found that 59% of those surveyed said Stephen Harper should be replaced as the Conservative leader.

Sounds bad for Harper, right? Except that if you're one of the few who reads the whole article instead of just the headline, you'll find that the corresponding number for Paul Martin is 52%.

Hey, Globe and Mail! This means that a majority of people want Martin replaced too, you [expletive deleted]! If you were actually interested in honest reporting instead of fighting the Liberals' battles for them, your headline would have been "Majority want Harper and Martin replaced, poll shows."

This reminds me of a story they did this past February, with the front page headline "Martin gets pre-budget boost." (A modified version of the article can be found here.) Their reason for the headline was that a poll had shown an increase in the percentage who "believe the Liberals deserve to be re-elected." However, tucked away in the middle of the article on page A4 were the numbers on "Who would you vote for?" (y'know, the question that actually matters in an election), which revealed that Liberal support had actually gone down by four percent since the last poll!

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June 25, 2005



(Thanks to Despair.com for the original image.)


June 15, 2005


Snappy comeback, Paul

In Question Period just now, Stephen Harper was going after PMPM over allegations that he made deal with Jean Chretien to hamstring the Gomery inquiry. The third time Harper asked the question, Martin announced that he would not even pretend to answer it, and instead said the following (exact quote as best I can remember it):
"I understand that the deputy leader of the Conservative Party has announced that the leader of that Party will be going on the barbeque circuit this summer. I would like to recommend this book: it's called The South Beach Diet."

Is that supposed to be a comeback?

Or have the Liberals finally developed a sense of shame, thus preventing them from making any more bogus claims of Conservative hidden agendas and alliances with the Bloc?


May 26, 2005


Uh, no, they're saying "Boo-urns!"

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the ceremony for Queen Elizabeth at the Saddledome yesterday. It was a great performance, with a wide variety of talented singers and dancers.

However, I have to comment on an incident that happened at the beginning, before the guests of honour arrived and the broadcast began. Dave Kelly, a local TV personality, was charged with warming up the crowd, doing a quick review of royal protocol, and making sure everyone knew the words to "God Save the Queen." He also listed the some of the guests who would join the Queen on stage: Mayor Dave Bronconnier, Premier Ralph Klein, Lieutenant Governor Norman Kwong, Governor General Adrienne Clarkson, and Prime Minister Paul Martin. All of the names were greeted with polite applause...

...except Paul, whose name was loudly booed. And it wasn't just a few noisy malcontents, either; this was a widespread booing coming from throughout the audience. (Martin did get some clapping, but it was significantly weaker than the other reaction.)

Kelly (who seemed to have fully expected this reaction) responded with a short speech on how this would be an internationally televised ceremony and that we should respect the dignity of the event and not "cross the floor to ask him about Belinda." When Martin followed the Queen out during the actual ceremony, he got the same applause as everyone else.

Granted, this did take place in the most Liberal-unfriendly city in the country, but it still surprised me that people would react that strongly.


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