October 15, 2008


Unexpected winner

I'm too tired to write a decent review of the election right now, so here's something completely trivial. The popular vote totals were:

CPC 37.6, LPC 26.2, NDP 18.2, BQ 10.0, Grn 6.8, Other 1.2

If you plug that into the Hill & Knowlton Predictor, you get the following seat count:

CPC 143, LPC 74, NDP 38, BQ 52, Grn 0, Other 1

And the actual results (pending recounts)?

CPC 143, LPC 76, NDP 37, BQ 50, Grn 0, Other 2

Not bad, especially considering that their formula completely ignores local dynamics.

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October 13, 2008


Peanut gallery 2008

CBC did another series of interviews with leaders of the fringe parties last night. I also covered this bit in the last election. On the question of "what would be the first thing you'd do if you won the election", they said:

Christian Heritage Party: Recognize that personhood goes from conception to natural death
Libertarian Party: End the drug war
Marijuana Party: Legalize marijuna federally (municipalities could set their own laws)
Progressive Canadian Party: Free post-secondary education
Marxist-Leninist Party: Choose your candidates before the election (I think this was related to party nominations)
Communist Party: Pull out of NAFTA
Canadian Action Party: Launch an international investigation of what really happened on 9/11; remove the "competitiveness council" of sixteen corporate leaders who tell the Prime Minister what to do
Neorhino.ca: Abolish Canada; abolish the military budget; Quebec separates and joins Cuba to form "Cubec"; Cubec's national drink will be made from maple syrup and Cuban rum

I wonder if the leaders of the Work Less Party, First Peoples National Party, and Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party will threaten a lawsuit because they weren't included. :)

Oh, and it's a bit sad that the Rhinos' platform was only about the third-dumbest of the bunch...

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