September 19, 2008


Strategic stupidity

So the anti-Conservative crowd has created a Facebook group dedicated to helping people trade votes, the better to support the usual "Stop Harper" rabble. I must admit, it's a creative use of modern technology to (try to) make a difference in an election.

However, I am deeply, deeply disturbed by the possibly that someone might try to manipulate this noble process. Therefore, I would like to urge my fellow Conservative supporters to follow this advice:

I hope you will take this advice. And more importantly, I hope the kind of people who would want to participate in this kind of thing might realize how incredibly stupid it is.


September 13, 2008



Regarding the "Did Obama call Palin a pig?" controversy: I doubt that Obama actually meant it that way (although that certainly seems to be how his audience took it). More likely, he was just trying to make a joke referencing Sarah Palin's speech, without realizing how it would sound.

However, given how Obama and his supporters made all those bogus accusations about racism in McCain's TV ads, I'd say that this is simply a case of Obama reaping what he sowed.

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September 04, 2008


You think it's easy to come up with real arguments?

I see Stephane Dion is being his usual deep-thinking self:
"We need to win against the most right-wing prime minister in the history of our country."


"Stephen Harper wants to give George W. Bush a third term in Ottawa."

Double wank. And plagiarism, to boot.

One wonders how the Liberals are going to get their self-pleasuring fix after November. The day Obama -- or even McCain -- wins the election, is the day they lose the bogeyman they've been addicted to for the past six years.

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September 03, 2008


Sarah Palin

There's been a lot of buzz and controversy surrounding John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate. FWIW, she's been my preferred pick for the past couple months, but I never really thought she'd actually get the nod.

The Democrats claim that this increases their chances of winning the White House, due to Palin being a rookie Governor with zero foreign policy experience (as opposed to, uh, a rookie Senator with zero foreign policy experience). However, I think their true feelings are perfectly summed up by this CTV interview.

Notice how the Republican is beaming ecstatically, while the Democrat looks like he's about to cry.

On a related note, this is an awesome picture:


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