June 15, 2005


Snappy comeback, Paul

In Question Period just now, Stephen Harper was going after PMPM over allegations that he made deal with Jean Chretien to hamstring the Gomery inquiry. The third time Harper asked the question, Martin announced that he would not even pretend to answer it, and instead said the following (exact quote as best I can remember it):
"I understand that the deputy leader of the Conservative Party has announced that the leader of that Party will be going on the barbeque circuit this summer. I would like to recommend this book: it's called The South Beach Diet."

Is that supposed to be a comeback?

Or have the Liberals finally developed a sense of shame, thus preventing them from making any more bogus claims of Conservative hidden agendas and alliances with the Bloc?


"I know you are but what am I!?!"

I miss decorum.
If Harper had said something like that the media would question his leadership. But instead they will applaud Mr. Martin's pathetic sense of humor.
Is that supposed to be a back handed fat joke? It's a shame the Conservatives don't have a spin department like the Liberanos to make an issue of that comment.
"Answer the question you fat bastard!"
Please tell me that wasn't Martin trying to call Harper fat. I mean really, could he come up with anything more stupid in light of his own not-so-tiny waistline?
At least he's admitting now that Conservative's read books instead of burning 'em.
If we could only convince the PM to STAY at a south beach, instead of reading about it......
Sheesh, it's just a joke...
I don't think it was Mr. Martin calling Harper fat as so much as a joke about the BBQ circuit and how it COULD make you fat.
You guys are so hopelessly partisan. Martin has been in the news lately saying he gained weight and went on the South Beach Diet. He got fat on the rubber chicken circuit. Surely the MPs don't have to hate each other every minute. This was just some light fun.

If a major insult had been levelled at Harper don't you think there is at least one tory who would get off his ass and say something as a point of privilege in Parliament, or to the press. HAve you heard such a complaint. No. So other tories are snivelling cowards unable to speak up for their leader when insulted in the House. OR they were just having fun.

Lighten up.
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