July 31, 2008


U cant b serious

If there's anything dumber than having to pay for incoming text messages, it's the government trying to regulate the issue:
In the wake of growing consumer frustration over Canadian cellphone prices, the government is issuing veiled warnings to providers that increased regulation of the industry may be on the way.

Industry Minister Jim Prentice, who earlier this month criticized Bell Canada Inc. and Telus Corp. for proposing to charge customers for incoming text messages, told reporters after a caucus meeting Thursday that cellphone providers are walking a fine line.

"We don't have a heavy regulatory burden on the cellular industry," he said. "That's something that we have tried to maintain in Canada. At the end of the day, consumers do need to be protected. I've made these points publicly and privately with [Bell CEO] Mr. Cope as well."

Yes, because free texts are a basic human right which the government needs to step in to protect. (Don't laugh, I'm sure it'll get read into the Charter eventually...)

Why, oh why, did Maxime Bernier have to get shuffled out of Industry?

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By adding these charges Bell is breaking a signed contract with their users that says that there is no charge for incoming messages. This is something for the govt. to look into.
Fair point, but Prentice appears to be threatening regulation in general, not just talking about a specific case of breach of contract (which would be a matter for the courts, anyway).
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